Monday, July 23, 2007

OUR BLESSING!! Our gorgeous baby boy!

This is our little Blessing! We have been waiting for our I171-H approval, before we made our announcement. We still are waiting on the approval, but could not hold in our excitement any longer!
We received our referral on July 9th. God has been so good! We had inquired about another little boy that had special needs. We prayed and God told me "no." The very next day, we got the call on Blessing. We have talked about being open with a special needs child. We were very specific on what we would be comfortable with. When Donna at Acres of Hope called and told me about Blessing, I just knew he was the one that would just "fit" in our family unit!!!! Acres of Hope does not usually give out referrals before the I171-H approval, so we are an exception! Blessing was born on May 24th 2007. He is a true miracle of a baby! I won't reveal the personal history that makes him such a miracle to us, this is something we will hold close to our heart, and reveal only to Blessing when he is old enough to understand. God has truly shown us how amazing His love is, and how he is giving us this wonderful task of raising this precious little one.
As I said before, Blessing is a special needs. He is missing his right hand fingers, but has little digits that look like toes! Not much of a disability to us! We are pretty sure all those little (toe-fingers), will work for even grasping small objects. He is one of the most beautiful baby boys I have laid eyes on. (Besides our other boys)! We can't wait to get this little guy home so we can love on him!!! All our kids are soooooo excited and talking about what they will do when he gets home. We all know that this process will take awhile. We also know that God's timing is perfect! We have experienced His perfect Will and Timing with our previous adoption.
Blessing will have the new name of...Josiah Blessing.
We would appreciate all your prayers for every step of this adoption. They are so important to us!

God Bless,


amber said...

You are right, he is absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for you and so grateful that little Josiah Blessing will grow up in such an awesome family!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! We'll be praying for a quick I-171h for you!

Amber G.

InternationalMommy said...

What a cutie!! I think he looks perfect!


amber said...

Thanks so much for sharing that your family had been praying for Henry. I would love to hear the full story if you get the time to share it (you can email me privately if you want)...
I'd love to be able to share it with Henry when he is older.

We also prayed about another little boy (beside Henry) that has since found his family. I know Henry was supposed to be ours, and this boy was supposed to be theirs, but we were just in an open place about it for a while. I still feel a deep love for this little boy because of how God laid him on my heart and have spoken with his new mama about some of the things I felt God shared with me while I prayed for him.

(Of course, no pressure!) But if you want to share, I would LOVE to hear! At any rate, BLESS YOU for the prayers for my son!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! We are also waiting on 171h! AHH!!

Praise the Lord for your referral. I enjoyed reading your sweet story. Love, Denise

Brandi said...

He's BEAUTIFUL!!! What a cutie pie! I can't wait to see more pictures. I didn't realize that I didn't have an RSS feed on your site yet so I didn't know you'd posted again. . .can't believe I missed this!!!!! These are my favorite posts. . .well, referrals, new pics and postings from liberia!!1