Sunday, July 15, 2007

"If we get muddy, God will clean us up!" (Quote from our 4 year old Love).

We had an amazing time at Sonshine 2007! The weather was perfect, kids were great, music was awesome!! It was very relaxing, but tiring, if you can have both...Bedtimes were never before midnight, but naps made up for some of that.
Toby Mac was probably the best! I have never seen a better show! The crowds for his concert were a little overwhelming, some rudeness, but we made it through. We also saw a ton of other very popular bands.
One of the sermons was on "getting dirty." How, we as Christians should be more open to loving on all the "dirty" people, showing them Jesus. Not hiding in our nice little churches, looking like we have the perfect life, not welcoming them with open arms into our churches. Who are we to be so superior? Aren't we all dirty in some way or another? Their may be a prostitute, drug dealer, gang member, who will not step into a church because of the attitudes that have been witnessed from "us Christians." How can they feel a refuge in such a place as we are making our churches? They can find Jesus in other ways, but the church should ALWAYS be a place that they KNOW they can come to. The sermon also taught the basic fact that we are dirty!! Sin is dirty! BUT..."GOD GOT DIRTY SO WE COULD GET CLEAN!" Jesus was that sacrifice so that we could be clean in Our Father God's eyes! How amazing and humbling that is!!!
So when we were walking back to our camper after one of the concerts, my 4 y.o., Love, said..."If we get muddy, God can clean us up!" Wow! Coming from a little child, how much impact that had on me.

God Bless,

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