Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 2.Beach Day!

I wanted to treat our foster families for our 'special kids', to a wonderful day at the beach. It was wonderful and the day was beautiful!

A meeting on the beach with my foster families.
Love Kenneth! This face is priceless!
Martha prepared a wonderful meal of fried chicken, rice and potato salad! It was the best meal of the whold trip!
Pastor Peter saying a prayer and preaching a little!
Josephus and Korpu. I feel so blessed to have him on our team! He has such a sweet heart for this ministry!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Having just recently returned from my trip to Liberia, I saw firsthand how impactful the Forget-Me-Not Children’s Program truly is. Placing kids in trained loving foster family homes is so important to our ‘special needs’ children. We have been amazed at how many of our kids are thriving in their new homes, and how each one of our caregivers is carrying out their mission of taking care of these beautiful children.
However, the Forget-Me-Not Children’s Program in Liberia is in desperate need of a vehicle. Our program is growing, and the logistics of transportation for our local director in Liberia is becoming desperate. He consumes a lot of time, trying to locate an available taxi, sometimes several times a day. He visits our FMN children several times a week, as well as delivers supplies, has several meetings a week with important government offices, hospitals, doctors, as well as taking a child for regular medical care visits . He also must be available to pick up a sick child from our foster homes to take them to the clinic or hospital…this can happen very often because several of our kids are medically fragile. We are also having a difficult time with transporting large amounts of supplies that cannot be transported in a standard taxi. Therefore, a suitable vehicle is needed for this. Again, this is very difficult to find on a daily basis. Roads can be very difficult to navigate in a smaller car, due to all the pot holes, water and dirt roads that get us to the FMN foster homes. It’s not uncommon to wait several hours trying to flag down a taxi. In an emergency situation, this could be devastating to our program if we cannot get care for one of our kids in a timely matter.
Currently we send EVERY penny of our funds directly to our foster family program in Liberia, which in turn utilizes the full amount to benefit our children in need. Our program operates on a per sponsored child basis. We don’t have ANY spare funds that come in, that can cover such a need for a vehicle. We volunteer our time (sometimes can be a 30 hour work week), because we love what we do! I feel so privileged to work alongside a wonderful team that all have a heart for our FMN children. We cannot grow our program without the vital tool we need in having our own transportation.
Please consider helping us in our FMN Children’s Program Vehicle Fundraiser. We aren’t asking for a few people to give large amounts, we are asking MANY to give a little. If we can have 200 people, commit to just $30, this adds up to a $6000 amount. This would help us locate a suitable vehicle for our program. I did some checking on vehicles while in Liberia, and they are extremely expensive!! You cannot find a decent used vehicle,(used but new off the ship from oversees), for less than $5000. We are talking about a vehicle that has over 100,000 miles on it, but is in good ‘used’ shape and has some necessary options like four wheel drive and air conditioning, plenty of space to transport several foster children and large amounts of supplies. My goal is to have all the funds raised in 3 months time, starting on May 1st. Of course we will take ANY donation amount, large or small! We cherish your support of our program, and continue to move forward with great joy in growing this program. The need for our program is desperate. There is no other one program, that ONLY takes in ‘special needs’ abandoned children, and places them into a ‘trained’ foster home. We give these beautiful children a home and the ability to reach their greatest potential with the resources we have.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful support and prayers!
Christina Hoffman #651-353-5248 (Director-Stateside for Forget-Me-Not Children’s Program in Liberia)
***Please send your giving amount, with ‘FMN vehicle’ in memo line, to…
Global Orphan Outreach, P.O. Box 97, Ladysmith WI, 54848.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 1 or our trip to Liberia for the Forget-Me-Not Children's Program for 'Special Needs' kids

Tanya and Karin
Surprise and I
Our first morning meeting
Our first meal in Liberia after a long two day travel
Trying to load all our donations and luggage into van