Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Monday, August 24, 2009


As you well know, I was in Liberia a month ago, helping get our program off the ground, and to deliver supplies to our nurse and caregivers. Well, we continue to have needs and have compiled a list of the most necessary items that are needed ASAP for our nurse in Liberia. She is working very hard on helping this program become a success. We are working on getting supplies over next month, and again on our next trip. If you, a group or a church would like to contribute any of the items listed below for the Forget-Me-Not Children's Program, that would be awesome! Here is the list of needs...


Pack and play/portable cribs (the kind you can easily fold up for travel)
Umbrella strollers
Baby walkers
Wind-up baby swings (needs to be sturdy to hold heavier baby, small toddler)
Cloth diapers
Crib toys
Plastic books or thick and chunky books (so they can be wiped down over and over again and not get ruined)
Washable plastic toys (no cloth)
Therapeutic toys/equipment
Sippy cups
Plastic bottles with nipples
Bulb syringes
Large bottles of lotion, hand sanitizer, baby powder and baby soap
Crib sheets
Mosquito nets


Pedialites packets
Carnation instant drink packets (for Caustic children)
Children's Tylenol, Ibuprophen, Benedryl, Anti fungal, Hydracortizone cream, and vitamins
First Aid Kit


Funds for generator
Two lap tops (internet ability, and do word documents)
digital cameras
Memory card (1GB)

You can mail any items to this mailing address...
Christina Hoffman
W8240 County Rd. KK
Ellsworth, WI 54011

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One of Our Forget-Me-Not Sponsored Children


I haven't figured out what I want to post yet, about my trip to Liberia last week. There is still so much to process, yet the feeling of being overwhelmed with so much to do, is really weighing heavy on my heart.

The need for the kids we are focusing on, the 'special needs', 'handicapped', is soooo great! There are so many kids that are just abandoned in hospitals, clinics, villages, just because they are handicap. They are left in the hospital, with no where to go. So they wait and languish. But, our program is working on getting these children into Liberian foster homes, who have been trained to take care of their needs, and love them like their own. Who knows what the potential of these beautiful children can be!

BUT...We cannot do this without financial support. Your support can be utilized is so many different ways! Be a sponsor for a child, the nurse, or help with funding for our trips over there, (which are very important to keep the program running), help support a shipment of supplies to keep our caregivers and nurse equipped.

Please...consider being a financial partner in our program...The Forget-Me-Not Children's Homes. You can learn more about us, by clicking the link on the left of my blog. Here is the link with a quick review of our days in Liberia last week...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My week in Liberia...

I will post more I have time. But for now, follow this link...