Sunday, June 22, 2008

A quick update on Josiah...

The big news...Josiah is finally "creeping" or doing the "army crawl!" This is very big for him. He can now move around from one toy to the next, or go get something that interests him. Now it's offically time to baby proof the floor, the kids got the lecture of keeping anything off the floor that can go in Josiah's mouth and choke him. It's so great to see his progress. He came home with such little abdominal and back muscle tone. He is now using those muscles and now working on his side muscles to get him to sit on his own. He is still so wobbly and unstable, but progressing! He also has glasses, which make him look so smart, (not that he isn't!!). He has started sleeping better at night, just up once for a bottle and then again around 6, (yuck). He's very attached to me, still a little insecure when I leave his sight, but will go with daddy and not cry. He is still sweet, happy and funny!!! The kids adore him and are the best helpers! He has PT (physical therapy) once a week, and OT (occupational therapy) one a month. We do his physical therapy ourselves,the rest of the time. He is still very stiff in his hips and shoulders, muscles still tight in his legs, but are getting better. He is continuing to build muscle tone in his abdominals and back, and his lower lip is getting better with muscle tone also. His speech will hopefully start progressing when he is able to move around more. We are always working on various movements to help him progress. Josiah is growing nicely. He is getting long, and is getting heavy! (21 lbs).
We will be going back to Gillette for his follow up on his little hand. He can do almost anything with his little hand, except "hold" things. We will also be getting a brace for his other hand because of the tightness, he is not able to "finger pinch" or hold things in his hand for very long. We will also be making an appointment for his feet. He will probably need foot braces to straighten them out and correct the curve, this will also help with the tightness in his legs.

We are moving in less than ten days and we still haven't packed yet!! It' s a little crazy here, so I probably won't be posting for awhile!

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