Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alpaca farmers are we...

Today was our first official day as alpaca farmers! We brought our herd home yesterday and have been keeping a close eye on their adjustment here. The girls seem to be pretty happy, loving their pasture and barn. Our stud boy is a little lonely with a pasture to himself, so we will be adding another male to be his buddy. Barn chores were easy this morning, soooo peaceful out there. Just watching our herd is so calming and peaceful. I can see why being an alpaca owner can be such a great job.
This dream started almost two years ago. I pitched this "idea" of being a small farm owner, to my husband. I researched different animals and came to the conculusion of alpacas, due to their easy maintainence, breeding and fiber market.
We've owned our animals for a year and a half, but had to keep them at our breeders farm until ours was ready.
I still can't believe they are finally here!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Volunteering for Daddy's birthday...

The kids did some volunteer work for the "Feed My Starving Children" program. Scott wanted this as a present for his birthday. Great job kids!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I took this from one of my yahoo groups. I am not Catholic, but this video is for ALL followers of Christ!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our barn!


I love Fall!! The colors are amazing and the crisp cool air is so refreshing. I am able to see views for miles from our upstairs bedroom. The views are getting quite colorful...but...another vivid reminder that winter is coming, (yuck).

Some updates...
Our barn is up and is beautiful! Fencing is going up this week. Maybe our alpacas will be living with us by the end of the month?

Josiah's MRI results are not in yet. I'm not concerned or worried, but it would be nice to have an answer on the possible brain trauma that is causing CP symptoms.
Physical Therapy is going great! Most weeks there is noticable improvement in his motor skills. We do work with him all the time, so he does get quite a bit of therapy. He is almost stable enough to sit on his own. He is able to, but will tip over on either side. His "creeping" is improving, and his strength in his trunk and legs is allowing him to be able to stand with assistance for small periods of time. We utilize a "trainer." It's basically a walker that has a lot of stability for his upper body. We will be getting a "stander" also, to work more on those trunk muscles for his stability. We do a lot of hand therapy on his good hand. He is opening and grasping more than he ever was before. His good hand was not getting utilized much because of the tightness. His little hand he does a lot with. He can pull and push, and even turn book pages with it. His feet are still pretty tight and flexed most days. A little work out and rubbing seem to loosen them both up pretty well. Medication has been recommended to reduce his "all over body" muscle tone. It has been proven to allow the body to move better and to train the muscles to do what they need to do, when the brain tells them. I'm still on the fence with the decision to put Josiah on such a strong med. I'm seeking more peace on this decision.
He still is such a charmer and knows how loved he really is. Sometimes when I am rocking him, I am just overwhelmed by this beautiful gift from God!

Homeschooling the boys is going slow...keeping Alex on task is proving to be tough. He would rather play all day. This kid is in motion almost all day! I'm hoping by month 6, he will be settled into our school schedule.
The girls are in our public school system. Love is the social butterfly, telling us "everything" that "everyone" has said or done. She's smart, but talks ALL THE TIME. As a matter of fact, she is not allowed to talk at meal time until her food is gone. Her mouth is constantly going! Thank goodness her teacher has such a godly attitude towards this...ummm...positive trait? Edline is doing okay with her LD teacher and regular classroom schedule. She is a little overwhelmed toward the evening. Something as simple as a letter sound, color, shape can be very difficult to remember. Her reading has really improved though. I would much rather see her reading than anything else. We had her teacher drop the science and social studies/history. This is something that has too many concepts and retension learning, for her to even grasp. So we are spending more time on just the basics.

Andrew is doing well in college. We talk almost daily, which really helps me. I'm really missing my baby, (yes he's 18, but always my baby)!

Africa has been so close to my thoughts lately. After having our friend from Liberia here, another whose visiting Liberia now, I am really missing it.
There are a few things that are "in the works", that will always keep Liberia close to us. One of these days I'll be able to share, not just yet!

Well, gotta go, laundry is calling!