Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alpaca farmers are we...

Today was our first official day as alpaca farmers! We brought our herd home yesterday and have been keeping a close eye on their adjustment here. The girls seem to be pretty happy, loving their pasture and barn. Our stud boy is a little lonely with a pasture to himself, so we will be adding another male to be his buddy. Barn chores were easy this morning, soooo peaceful out there. Just watching our herd is so calming and peaceful. I can see why being an alpaca owner can be such a great job.
This dream started almost two years ago. I pitched this "idea" of being a small farm owner, to my husband. I researched different animals and came to the conculusion of alpacas, due to their easy maintainence, breeding and fiber market.
We've owned our animals for a year and a half, but had to keep them at our breeders farm until ours was ready.
I still can't believe they are finally here!

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julie said...

those are cute pic of the alpacas. are you going to have many more or just a few at a time?
this is pretty interesting.