Monday, January 26, 2009

A lot going on...

Josiah is growing like a weed! Between his therapy and dr. appointments, we had botox injections for his hamstrings in both legs. It seems to be loosening his legs up a bit. He now loves his adapted walker because he can move by himself in it. He is getting the walking motions down, he beams with pride knowing he is doing such an awesome job. He has a whole house full of 'cheerleaders'!!
Because Josiah can only say one word, "hi", he is learning all different signs, (sign language), and doing very well. We have been dealing with chronic sinus infections, so we may be off for another scan for his sinus' if this round of antibiotics doesn't work. By the way, I hate antibiotics!
We are still working on independent sitting. He still does not have enough streangth in his trunk muscles to securely hold himself up.
He really does well with his creeping around at lightning speed! His bicepts are huge!

With the VERY cold weather we have been having, our outside play has been very limited. When it does warm up, (above 10 degrees), the kids go sledding down our hills. We had the whole family out on the hills on Loves 6th birthday. Even grandma! Our hills are steep and fast! I bet all those 'Florida' people just envy us! Ha ha! (I would trade our snow for warmer weather any day!).

We are loving our alpacas! They are so fun to be with, very calming and funny! I really don't mind the twice a day barn chores, even in the -0 degree weather we were having. My time out in the barn is a very good stress reliever. Plus, I always remind myself that very few people are out in this stinkin cold weather, so I may be the only one at that time, enjoying the view God has provided. Our views are just amazing! Since our house is straight up a steep hill, we have views in all directions, for miles!! Our God is just amazing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More pics!