Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pics for August

Getting my last hug before leaving my baby in Ohio!

Look who wants to drive!

Andrews school pics.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My baby left the nest...

After 18.5 years, my oldest baby has left our nest. (Well, at least for a year). We drove the LONG drive to Cleveland, Ohio, moved him into his college apartment, got him set up for what was needed for living on his own, then left for the LONG drive back. I am so sad right now. It is tough seeing my child all grown and moving onto this next chapter in his life. I know he will be home on breaks, but it's hard knowing I just can't see him anytime I would like. I know moms must go through this, eventually. It just doesn't make it any easier. I'm just a sad mom right now...

On a lighter note, Josiah did great on the drive. He was the only other "baby" we took along for the ride. We didn't get much sleep from the last 4 days, so we are all exhausted. But Josiah has done amazing! All the other kids were farmed out to grandparents and cousins. They all had such a great time, I don't think we were missed much:)

As soon as I get my camera loaded, I will be posting some new pics. We are still just so busy with so many balls in the air right now. I will be posting better, once school starts.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snip-its of updates...

*Still trying to get our new house organized and finding it almost impossible! We do love our home and the beauty that surrounds us. I still have to pinch myself. Took a short hike with the kids and found we have wild grapes everywhere, a huge apple tree, and poison ivy! Plus patches of wild flowers everywhere. Still can't see all our property until Fall, it's just too thick with bushes and trees, then maybe we can get to our little creek.

*Still working on getting our other house sold. Really need prayers here! Getting it sold quick would be such a huge blessing!

*Trying to prepare for our oldest going off to college in ohio in another week. I get teary eyed thinking about it.

*Our girls are now enrolled in the local school, and will be homeschooling our boys. Haven't purchase their curriculum yet!

*our barn will be going up mid Sept., fencing will have to wait until then. Alpacas will be moved in soon after. CAN'T WAIT!

*Josiah's follow up on his hand was fine. He has one bone possibly growing in his little wrist/palm and his other "normal" hand is progressing with therapy. (He is very stiff and has limited grasp in his normal hand). Next month will be his big appointment at Gillette to get a proper diagnosis, (possible Cerebral Pulsy).

Probably could report more, but have been progressively losing brain cells throughout the summer busyness!!!