Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I want to leave a legacy...

Today was a tough day, waiting for the stupid piece of paper that will get the ball rolling for Blessings paperwork! But, God reminded me that He is in control.

The million and one things that have been going through my mind lately...not only adoption stuff, but hobby farms, alpacas, parenting skills, and look at how my house gets messy so quick!!! I am trying to be more disciplined with my prayer time and bible reading. Today the thought of "what kind of legacy do I want to leave this world" came to me. I KNOW I won't be known for having a neat and tidy house! Or, a large house with a room for every child. Or the pile of money I will leave my kids (NOT)! With all that is in me, my deepest desire is for my children to have a "true heart of love" for our Lord. I want them to be able to hear Him. I want them to KNOW Him. I want them to follow Him! The best way to do this is by example. Okay, here is where I need GRACE! I flub up everyday! But do my kids know I love God? YES! Do they know I am not ashamed to share what He does for us? Yes! They also know that my love for them is deep. I hope they know that their FATHER GOD's love is even deeper. I am trying to teach them. While God teaches me, EVERYDAY, sometimes by the minute, I hope I am teaching my children. I want to leave a beautiful legacy, the beauty of my children, loving the Lord, and someday all of us worshipping at His feet!

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