Thursday, June 21, 2007

Last night we had a pretty big thunderstorm that brought some hail with it. The windows sounded like they would crack or shatter! It didn't last long, and we did need the rain. This morning when I was getting Edline on the bus, we were greeted by these beautiful flowers! It has taken two years to get these babies to bloom.

Anthony had a baseball game lastnight and hit his first double! We were so proud! Alex has a game tonight. It is so fun watching our boys enjoy the game so much.

Not much more to report today. Kids will probably go swimming again.

Our hummingbirds continue to give us cheap entertainment. We have a constant stream of hummingbirds on our feeder. They are right on our deck and don't mind us so close to them. They give us a little stare down if they are out of the nectar, so I have to always keep on top of keeping it fresh.

Have a blessed day!


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