Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First blog!

I am now on a new adventure! Blogging! I am using this as a tool to help organize my own thoughts, keep friends and family up to date. About me...I'm 38, married to a great husband, mom to 5 kids! Andrew 17, Anthony 12, Alex 7, Edline 7 and Love 4. We are also just starting the process again for another adoption! Yahoo!! We will be adopting through Acres of Hope in Liberia, praying for a little boy. God has given me a heart for these beautiful children, and to seek His desire for my life with them. We adopted our girls, three years ago from Haiti. Although the process and parenting my girls has been a whole new learning experience, I know that God gave us these wonderful gifts. He has stretched me in ways I never would have thought I could go. Uncomfortable? Yes! Rewarding? Yes! I love being a mom, especially to five kids! Can't wait to have six! We just sent all our paperwork/dossier to Acres of Hope. So now the wait for the next step, making sure everything is in place for a referral! I can't wait to get to know others adopting through Liberia! Another exciting thing in our household, is the purchase of four beautful Alpacas! Three are pregnant! So this time next year, we will have 7! They are currently being boarded somewhere else, and will continue being boarded until we can move to more acreage. We are looking for at least a 20 acre site. This is a dream job for me...being a full time mom, and raising a herd of Alpacas! God Bless! Christina


Kim & Dale said...

My name is Kim. I am adopting from AoH as well. We have a referral for a little boy who will be 3 in August.We are also waiting for a referral for a little girl. We have a lot in common. We have 4 kids; soon it will be 6. We live in WI about 1/2 hour from Green Bay. We started out wanting to adopt from Haiti, were approved and then the gov't decided to adhere to a 1974 ruling that you could not adopt if you have any bio kids. We then found AoH and have been very impressed with them. You did a great job on your blog! Kim Basten

julie said...

Hey, great start! I am Julie. We are adopting 2 little boys from AoH as well. We are hoping to have them home before Christmas! We have 6 bio kids also. I am 38 and also have a husband, Scott. Sounds like we have a lot in common. Oh yeah, I live in a small town between Wausau and Marshfield!

adopting lady said...

Hi! My hubby and I are also adopting from Acres of Hope (someday). Our dossier hasn't been sent yet, so we are a few steps behind nearly everyone else we meet online, but I wanted to say hi and welcome to the blog world.
Kami & Jeremy