Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's all HIS!

Yesterday we set up our 15ft pool for the kids. The weather has been really warm for this time of year, so we were able to start the pool earlier this year. Well, after filling up the great pool, the kids decided it was too cold and made their own bathtubs, filling with warm water and soap!

These are my Alpaca girls! Coyilla, Alpanda, Zoee and Elliation. Three are preggers, so we will have 7 Alpacas by next summer. We have been looking for some acreage around our area since last summer. We have had our eye on a 20 acre property that is 15 minutes from our house now. It would still be in the same school district, and has amazing views and contours. The kids would have a ball hiking the property. Even though we will have to spend quite a bit for a driveway to where the house could go, we are making a lower offer on it today.

We could use some prayers our way for this!

On the adoption front, I just checked our package/dossier, which was on it's way to AOH in Wisconsin...has now made it safetly to it's destination! Now, it's just waiting for them to call and let us know it everything is in order and ready for a referral!

My encouragement for today, God whispering..."Trust in me, lay it down, EVERYTHING you have is mine."

What a peaceful feeling to know I can take my worries to HIM! I love you my SAVIOR!

God Bless! Christina

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