Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New pics...

Our new family member, Frost (aka.."Trouble, Mischief, No No").

Walmart Delivery!

Our adorable Josiah!


Missy said...

I'm much more of a baby person than an animal person - the last picture is my favorite. What a babydoll.

Anonymous said...

I love that dog! Is that a labradoodle?? Josiah is so adorable!! Love, Denise

Brandi said...

Um, that is ONE cute puppy!!! Tell us more!

That is just a cute pic of Josiah!!! Maybe one of the cutest I've seen!

Love you!

julie said...

I have finally had a chance to read a couple blogs today. Is this one of Jennifers puppies? I saw Donna's too and they are so cute. Looks like alot of work to me! Love Josiah's picture. It looks like he has grown alot since I seen him. It will be great to see you guys again at Megan's....I hope to make it.

Donna Barber said...

NO way! you took Frost? HOw cute!! Is he potty trained yet? Milo is! Loved the pics of the kids.