Sunday, March 16, 2008

The elephant in the room...

Friday, we took Josiah to the Adoption Clinic at the U of M for a more in depth overall checkup. Besides already have surgery, seeing an eye Dr., and nose Dr., and getting a good blood work up, I was not convinced we knew everything at this point about Josiah's health. I have been "secretly" concerned about his delays and muscle tone in his legs and feet.
Both our girls went there. We found out soooo much information, and that's where Edline got her several diagnosis. They have a great panel of dr.s.
Well, Josiah is a solid 3 months behind. I was hoping for him to make better strides in the past three months home, but they have been slow. He has attached amazingly well. That is the most important! He is soooo happy, content, silly and just plain a joy to have in our family. He is such a precious son. God truly was so good to me. He saw my heart yearning for a baby boy, and granted me such an amazing gift...Our Josiah Blessing.
Anyways, back to his delays. Josiah does seem to be hypertonic in legs, feet and his shorter arm. (Although, his shorter arm is ALWAYS trying to grab everything, so I'm not too concerned there.). I will be getting a referral for a physical therapist for his legs, also to get him moving more. He cannot sit straight yet, cannot creep, crawl, turn over at will, hold things in his normal hand properly. He has low tone on his abdomen and back. We were shown excercises for us to do with him to start getting those things working. We have already been working him so hard, poor baby. He will not be getting any standing time, (leg use or feet use since these are established and on the hypertonic side). And, even though we went to an eye Dr., we will be going back to a specialist for his crossing eyes. He also has low lip tone. I love his lower lip, but tired of the drool just pouring out. We must use 4-5 bibs, just for drool!!
All of this does not make me nervous. The possible reasons behind his delays and tone is what concerns me. I have had the possibility of CP in the back of my mind for awhile. It could also be just the delays that come from malnutrition, and he can eventually catch up. We won't know for awhile. Therapy will be able to show us a lot.

Changing subjects...
I was knocked on my butt by a sinus infection a few weeks ago. It was awful!! Thank goodness I had such great help, the most being my dh getting the kids off to school for me.

Our new puppy is keeping us busy. He still will have an accident once in awile, but he has done great with potty training.

Still looking for a hobby farm, or land. A little frustrating!! We'll get there, I was just hoping before summer. Doesn't look like that will be happening.

All the kids are doing great. The weather has been sunny and warmer. Can't wait for Spring and camping! Summer is even better, of course!

An adoption friend is in Liberia, as we speak, spending time with her new son. They will be home in over a week! I'm so excited for her and her family! Congrats Julie!
There have been a few other families that have been able to come home with their kids. It's a great feeling being able to hold your kids and bring them home!

I can't wait to see what God has planned for my heart for Africa!!


Brandi said...

We will be praying that you know exactly what to do and how to help little man. . . he's still Blessing to us! Greg just asked about him yesterday. We too need to find out about therapy as we have a MAJOR drool problem on our hands. .his nickname is Dreamy McDrools A Lot (b/c of how he looks into our eyes and of course the shirt soaking drool!) Could you do a post on the therapy ideas to help the lower lip?!

Love you and miss you! When are you guys going to come to FL? How about early November with a couple of the other girls? hmmm?!


Anonymous said...
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