Monday, February 11, 2008

It is sooo cold here...

Yesterday, going to church, it was -8!!!! That doesn't even count the wind chill, which was probably -30! Now would be a good time to move south!
We put another offer on a foreclosed small hobby farm. It would be so nice to get our alpacas on our own land, and raise a few other animals. This would be downsizing our house, but we would also get a nice barn and pasture, and a big sledding hill! Being almost mortgage free would be awesome! I'll let you know if we get this one.
Josiah is doing great! He is so happy and funny, but 90% of the time, I have to be in eye shot for him to feel secure. He screams if he realizes I'm not home, or in the room. It gets hard on Scott. I would say the Josiah is definitely attached to me, but it's an insecure attachment. I still don't think he realizes that I will be back, when I leave the room. His sleep is not much better. I am hoping that this next month, we will see more of a secure attachment with Josiah, and better sleep habits.
Andrew, our 18 y.o., is looking at a school in Ohio for his technical training in power sports. It will be interesting to see how this all comes together, including the finance part!
School for the kids is going great! My homeschooling 6th grader is loving staying home. He is also my biggest help right now. Love will be starting kindergarten in the Fall. That is really hard to believe.

I am in the middle of reading the book, "There is no me without you." It's about the orphans of AIDS in Africa. It is heartwrenching to read about these little lives affected, and the desperation that goes on in the path of this disease. It breaks my heart to read about the babies and children left without anything. Makes me want to adopt again! But a lot of reasons give me the heart tug to want to adopt again.
One of these days, I hope to be directly involved with helping orphans, especially the ones that have special needs. I truly feel that God is leading me in this direction.

These past few weeks I have been dealing with some "heart" issues, (not related to parenting). At times I have no words for God in this area. A song with the lyrics..."give me words to speak, don't let my spirit sleep. I can't think of anything worth saying, but I know that I owe you my life..." is what I am concentrating on. Sometimes it's okay to not be able to say much to God. He doesn't want empty words anyways, he wants the heart. At times, it's just a "thank you God." I pray that this "heart issue" may be resloved soon, it's tough at times carrying this load.



julie said...

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you find the exact place you are looking for at the right price. It has been so cold here too. Finally today is 17 degrees. I will be praying for your heart. Josiah is soooo cute. I just fell in love with him watching him laugh with you. You can tell he definitely needs his momma!

Scott and Katy said...

Wow, I guess now would not be the time to tell you it was 80 last week!!! And, I hate to admit it, I still complain about the cold here... I am moving to the equator very soon!!!
I know EXACTLY what you are describing in Josiah. We see those very same things in Haddie... a very insecure attachment. What is even more difficult is that she is now acting up, hitting, biting, pushing, screaming at the other kiddos, etc. and needs to be disciplined... she is so sensitive. Ahh, it's so hard to know what to do and when!
Just said a prayer for you and your sweet boy and for Scott and Josiah to develop a deep secure bond!
Prayed for your Hobby farm potential too!

Brandi said...

Lord Jesus, I pray that you speak truth into Josiah's heart. Father I pray that every time Christina leaves and comes home again that Josiah will see that and know the truth. I pray that you hold his little heart so he may be secure. Help him to attach strongly to his daddy and help his daddy to continue to pursue him when sometimes rejected. Help his whole family with the perserverance to pursue and to love unconditionally and most of all, to get what they need from YOU. Amen

Love you and praying for you right now. . .also praying for your heart issues that you may get the blessing through wrestling through this issue with the Lord. In the midst, that you don't let it drop and just go on till you don't feel the burden, but that you search and find the changing God wants to do, in and through you!