Monday, November 24, 2008

Forget Me Not...

As you all know, our little Josiah has Cerebral Palsy. It was almost a year ago that I flew down to Liberia to finish up our adoption. He was in the hospital with Malaria and Pneumonia, and had a few pretty scary episodes of not breathing well. While he was in the hospital, I had the opportunity to pray over an infant baby girl. She was there with severe malnutrition and having a very difficult time breathing. Of course I prayed for her healing, but her healing took place in Our Father's arms. She had passed during the night and is now resting in perfect peace with Him. With the limited medical facitilities and care in Liberia, this is such a common, everyday occurance. This baby girl left a lasting immpression on my heart.
Then, soon after we had Josiah home, recognizing his 'special needs', I was very certain God had some plans in store for these experiences. 'Forget Me Not' Children's Home is a dream come true for so many of us parents who have a heart and passion for the 'special needs' kids in Liberia. This home will become a wonderful place for these children, where they would have otherwise been abandoned, left to die, or have very limited access to getting help with therapy, equipment, medical care. Forget Me Not children will have all this, plus a loving staff to care for them. This orphanage is so close to my heart, I hope you can understand the need, the hope we have for these kids, and the passion that God has placed in our hearts for this children's home.
Please take a little time and go to the link below.

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