Monday, December 15, 2008

Josiah Blessing!

Josiah's pic in the hospital in Monrovia and then home one year!!!
What a difference a year makes!

0 degrees!!!! That is supposed to be the high for today...IF we can get past the -30 wind chills!!!

Things are starting to get a bit more busy the closer we get to Christmas. Our Josiah had his 'gotcha' day last week. I still can't believe he has been home one year! What a sweet blessing he has been to our family!
Our oldest son will be coming home from college this week, and grandparents coming into town for the week. Our house will be full and joyous!!

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Brandi said...

what a precious blessing! Oh how I remember Gotcha day! Thanks christina and Josiah for making our trip even more special!

Love you guys