Saturday, November 22, 2008


We are still trying to sell our other home. This will start being a huge financial burden if it does not sell in the next couple months. We will have an 'extra' tight Christmas this year. Clearance racks and thrift stores have been my best friend this past year. I love bargain hunting, always have. It's almost like a treasure hunt for me...trying to see how far I can stretch a $20 bill. My most recently prized purchase, is a pair of 'farming boots' that would have cost over $50 bucks, but I got them for $3! Today I found a few more pair for Scott and Anthony for $5! (Okay, stop laughing)!

Alpaca farming is turning out to be such a beautiful thing! Going out to the barn to do the 'chores', is very therapeutic for me. I love being out there with my herd. They are the most peaceful animals to be around, and fun to figure out all the different personalities. You just don't want to be around when they start spitting at each other, it STINKS like no other smell!
Gave a few shots yesterday, but need a lot more practice. I haven't given a shot since nursing school, uh...too long ago!

Still haven't fully unpacked our belongings yet. I'm hoping to get all caught up when we are in hibernation mode this winter.

We are dealing with some attitude issues with our girls since starting public school. UGH!!

We have another teenager living with us. Not our son, but a friend of his. She fits right in, and truly is a HUGE blessing with helping me out with Josiah. Scott and I were able to have a real date, which will be starting every week now. We all love having her here.

Last week we had another follow up at Gillette for Josiah's MRI of his brain. His diagnosis is CP. They found the "dark spots that are consistant with oxygen deprivation that first hour of life." This type of brain trauma, resulted in his CP. Hearing the diagnosis was more difficult than I imagined. From the history we received from Josiah's birthmom, there was no inclination that there was any difficulty after his birth. This is obviously not the case.
Now that the news has had time to be absorbed, I'm moving on. Josiah has been getting a lot of therapy, as well as our whole family incorporating therapy into everything we do with him. We are working on 'independent sitting' (without falling), holding a bottle/cup, and learning to chew more solid foods. Even though he is 18 months, we measure milestones by setting a goal and reaching it. 6 months ago, he couldn't keep his left hand open without us prying his fingers loose. Now he gives us 'high fives' with a nice open hand. 6 months ago, his ribcage sat so high on his chest cavity because of having weak abdominal muscles, to now almost being able to sit on his own. 6 months ago he was not mobile AT ALL. Now he creeps around the house at lightning speed!

He is our little trooper and the light of our family. He is a true blessing and joy to each one of us. I would not change one thing about our son. He has helped us grow in so many ways, and continues teaching us everyday. Our son having CP has changed the way we live, just a little. It's part of our lives now, and we can't imagine it any other way.

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