Saturday, January 19, 2008

Surgery update

Josiah Blessings surgery went pretty well. Both dr.'s said it was more extensive than they originally thought. His hole in his muscle was 4X the size of an average hernia. They took a lot of skin off his belly, and he now has a three inch scar across it...OUCH! His little pee pee had to have a little work and will be swollen and pink for awhile...DOUBLE OUCH!! They also had to do a quick trach from his breathing problems at the beginning of surgery. So he also has a very sore throat!
Our poor baby is miserable.

We were in the hospital longer than anticipated because we couldn' t get his pain under control, and his O2 levels weren't very good.

Yesterday was long and hard. Josiah has been in so much pain, he cried a lot and we also had to hold him constantly, keeping on top of his pain med before he was really in pain.
We have had a long night and are zombies today. He has improved a bit, but now we are trying to keep him hydrated, even though he doesn't want to drink anything because it hurts.
We could use prayers please!


Brandi said...

Praying! Oh Jesus, hold that little guy in your arms! Comfort him and ease his pain. Help his mama and daddy to keep coming to you for energy and renewal. .and patience for him and the other kiddos! Do your work and be glorified in this home. May your light shine from them to everyone they come in contact with! Amen

Love you guys,

Tama said...

You got em!

From Five to Eight said...

Praying for your family!!

amber said...

Oh... poor little guy! That's a lot of "owies" for a little body...

We will definitely be praying for a fast recovery and for good sleep for all of you.