Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's not about me!

Looking back to this time last year, we were just starting the paperwork to adopt from Liberia. We started wanting to adopt a 16 y.o. boy we had heard so much about, from another orphanage. Due to some things that were going on at the orphanage that were quite scary in our eyes, we decided to pull out of that program.
Now, I can't imagine our family not having our little Josiah Blessing. He is truly pure joy!! It doesn't matter that I'm not getting sufficient sleep, because he just looks me in the eyes and smiles soooo big! He just melts my heart!
I truly feel that God has given me such a gift. All that I went through with our girls after adopting them from Haiti, was so very hard. Not only for me, but my husband and kids too. God used so many opportunities during that time though, to show me that this wasn't about me. This has been my "spap out of it," phrase since then. I use this a lot! "It's not about me!"
There may be so many diffent reasons that this transition of bringing Josiah into our family, is so much easier and enjoyable...But I am so grateful to God for giving me my girls for our first adoption. I grew so much as a parent because of them, and continue to "tweek" my parenting skills because of them. Well, my teenager I can say the same for too!

I am so blessed to have my family. I wish I could record all the beautiful moments that my family has given me. Seeing all my other children love so tenderly, this new little one that we have been praying for, is absolutely priceless! He is already so spoiled!

For all the adoptive parents that may be going through some very tough times right now, as they are all adjusting to their new life. I have been there. It was only 3.5 years ago that we added our daughters from Haiti. I have cried and wondered "what have we done?" I have questioned my sanity and ability as a mom. I have mourned the dreams I had. But, God saw me through every single moment. The more I cried out to Him, the more he revealed to me. I love my girls dearly. They are a part of me, and I would fight to my death for them, just as I would any other part of my family. The process was slow and hard, but the reward has been amazing!

My heart aches for the orphans of this world. No baby or child should ever have to be without a loving parent, especially a mommy. All children need to be loved.
God has given our family three wonderful children through adoption. You can change a life, one child at a time.


Brandi said...

What a sweet post and great encouragment!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Christina, I am another mom who has adopted from Liberia recently. I read your comments about going through some rough spots with your girls you adopted from Haiti (tantrums and such) and I wanted to ask you about how you handled it. I was looking for your email address to ask you some questions, but didn't see one. I was wondering if you would email me so that I could get in touch with you and ask you for some advice.

My email is

Our blog is



Scott and Katy said...

Loved your post... great, great, great encouragement. Oh, your family is so, so beautiful and they looks so very joyful!