Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun weekend!!!

Well, us moms had a wonderful time at the slumber party!! There were eight of us adoptive moms, and "in process" of adoption moms. What a nice time to gather with women that have the same heart for adoption, have been through "the fire", or are now going through the "fire" of the process. We laughed A LOT!!!! Yes we did have food, chocolate, and "other" stuff!! Didn't get much sleep though. My older body is not used to staying up til 3 a.m.!! UGH! It will take me a few days to recover since Josiah doesn't sleep through the night yet.

Changing the subject...our offer on the house we wanted to buy, was turned down. Yes we are disappointed, but we know there is a hobby farm out there for us.

My boys adopted two guinea pigs this weekend. They are so sweet and cuddly. One will be having babies soon, so that will be a good experience. I guess I can incorporate that into homeschooling somehow.

I will post pics this week. I promise.


DeniseinSC said...

What??? No pictures of the moms and their pj's???!!!! Glad you had fun, Denise

Brandi said...

So glad you had fun! I did enjoy our slumber parties in Liberia where I had to convince you and Donna to stay up and play though!

Love ya!

dianekrenz said...

Thanks so much for a fun night! It was so nice of you to open your house up to everyone.


amber said...

I'm looking forward to pictures of the slumber party!
It sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I lived closer! :)


Donna Barber said...

I had a great time!! Thanks!

julie said...

yes, thanks for opening your home to a bunch of roudy troublemakers. It was a great time and good for us waiting in the fire moms to laugh some.