Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Okay, the title is axactly how I feel! I have been soooo sick these past few days. I can't remember being this sick. My husband has done a great job at getting taking care of the kids' needs, off to school, etc. My 4 y.o. and I just lay around all day. Today is the first time in awhile have enough energy to sit up for a little bit.
I have realized that my kids need a little more training for when mom is down for the count. Dishes need done, a mile high pile of laundry needs done, groceries need to be bought...WHERE'S MY WIFE? Can I rent one, just until my house is back to normal???? Oh well, I will take care of it LATER! And, I will do it with pure joy!!

Before I was down for the count, we went camping and had a great time. The fall colors are so pretty! We got our campfire and s'more fix. Had a nice hike. We went and saw our little Ellie! She is our first baby alpaca. She was born almost two weeks ago, and is beautiful! She is beautfully brown all over, big black eyes, and all legs! Her mom, who is also ours, is quite the good mom! That is a blessing for alpaca owners. Crias (baby alpacas) are so suseptable to many illnesses and disease, and they are very fragile for the first few months. So having a good mom is the best thing! We are still having our alpacas boarded until we can find a farm or land. We are being pretty picky about this. I know the Lord will bring something in His timing. So, we now have 5 alpacas, and two more crias due in the spring. I will post pics when I get my energy back, the computer is as about as far as I can get right now.

I must go and lay back down! God Bless!

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