Monday, October 29, 2007

"You make everything glorious"...

"And I am yours!"

As I started posting this morning, these words were being played on the radio. It was a reminder from God..."No matter what we do, no matter what goes on in our lives, ups and downs, He makes it for His glory!"

I have been having a discouraging week, various things going on. But, I call to my God, and he answers with the peace that gets me through. He may not change what is going on at the moment...He may not calm the storm around me, but he does calm me.

Nothing new on Blessing yet. We will hear, in a week or so, if he has been finalized. If not, he will be finalized next month. I am trying to be positive and think of all the things I can get done before we bring him home.

The weather is beautiful today. Sunny skies, and supposedly low sixties this afternoon!

We did get news from our homestudy agency, that we have our foster care license. That's a good step, since it is required for Wisconsin to bring Blessing home.

Still looking for that "perfect" hobby farm for us. Will even settle for just a nice piece of land to start with. There are a few possibilites we are looking at right now, but no clear answers yet. We are getting anxious to start living on a farm. My kids are looking forward to this change, so are Scott and I.

A friend of mine has started teaching me knitting. It's such a great way to sit, think, pray, and make something at the same time. I am finding it a bit addictive!

Homeschooling Anthony is going fantastic. He loves it, and so do I! I love having this time with him. He is such a great kid, kind, compassionate. This time at home will protect that and help him grow in a positive way. Right now, Alex is doing great in our public school, and Edline is getting so much help from her various teachers, that I know I could not give her at this time. Her speech has gotten so lazy lately, we are working hard on not letting her get a way with this. Although she must "think" to speak clearly, this is a lot of work for all of us to stay on top of this.

Tomorrow it is off to the ear dr. for Love once again! She is not hearing well, so this may be another surgery for tubes, third time! As long as she can hear better!

Hope everyone has a blessed day/week!



Dana said...

I'm glad homeschooling is going well. And am I to infer by the finalization of "Blessing" that you are adopting? Congratulations!!!

OK, I just opened your blog in another window and saw the pic...what a cutie!

I just learned to knit two years is relaxing, but I think I prefer crochet.

Scott and Katy said...

Praying for finalization to happen quickly. We too are still awaiting finalization!

It was supposed to happen in September... so we're trying so very hard to be patient and to trust the Lord's doing!