Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Goodbye Elsi...

We have had some very sad few days. Our cat, Elsi, of 14 years, passed away yesterday. She had a very aggressive form of cancer and was in so much pain, we had to put her to sleep. This is the second cat in less than a year we have had to put down. Our other beloved cat died of kidney failure.
As much sadness that has filled our house, it is a good lesson for my kids. They have all cried and grieved. They all understand dying and death and the grieving process through it.
Some may think it's a little silly to get so upset over animals, but they are the ones that don't understand the companionship and love they have provided to each one of us.
Last night as I was pondering the events of the day, I started grieving for all the little ones in Africa that just couldn't hold on. Dying is such an everyday occurance for Liberians. They struggle to survive EVERYDAY, death is always so close to them. It scares me some days, knowing how vulnerable our little guys is. I just have to pray that God continues to watch over our precious one. He is in control, no matter what happens.



amber said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your cat passing away. I don't think its silly at all to grieve for her... We had a pet cemetary when I was a kid for all our beloved pets that passed away (rabbits, dogs, cats, goldfish, even a pony), and I think it was so healthy to learn to process grief and death at an early age. I pray your kid's hearts are comforted.


DeniseinSC said...

OOHHHH . We love our kitties...I am sorry. Will you get a new kitten? Maybe later? Love, Denise

Brandi said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it's a good lesson for the kids, but a hard one! Isn't it amazing how God can help us love (and sometimes love on us) through pets?!

Unfortunately, I think I need to learn to love my dog!! He's just not cuddly. . .aagh!
PS Praying that Your kids (and you) will know the God of all Comfort in a new and intimate way through this.