Monday, August 6, 2007

An amazing weekend!

We got in late last night from the "Festival of Hope." It's a gathering of families that have adopted or are adopting through Acres of Hope Liberia. It was an amazing time of chatting with other parents, seeing all the beautiful children, and meeting Patty and Donna, two truly amazing women! I wish I could bottle up some of that energy! Camping on Harold and Patty's farm was such a great experience for my kids. Makes me want to live in a compound with other "like minded" families, having children play together, grow together, be safe together.
This weekend was truly a validation to what we are doing with adoptions. Sooooo many children in Liberia, no hope, babies dying everyday, severe poverty, living conditions, etc. I could go on and on. Us as adoptive parents need to be advocates for all those little ones that need to have a families, be saved from such extreme conditions. Patty and Acres of Hope Liberia are doing so much for the orphanage and the local communities. There is so much of a need. God calls us to care for these orphans, this is our responsibility! How can we say no? I truly feel that EVERYONE can do their part. If it's not adoption, it may be providing funds, it may be providing labor, providing contacts to "get things done", it can be anything!! Sending donations, talking to others who have resources...
God has really stirred my heart, AGAIN. I don't know what the future holds, but I know that I will be doing something with this calling He has given me.
Another great piece of info we got from Donna, was that our little Blessing may be home by the end of the year. Since this is our second round through the adoption process, I realize that 'anything' can happen, so, it would be FABULOUS to get our baby home by then, but if he's not, God's timing is perfect!!
I gotta go do a ton of laundry now!

God Bless,


DeniseinSC said...

We'll be there next year!!

By the way, can I email you privately? Can you reply to Thanks!

Love, Denise

Brandi said...

I talked to Rae and she mentioned that she met you guys and how beautiful you were!