Friday, February 19, 2010

My Inspiration!

Josiah finally has his custom wheels!!

The picture above, shows my sweet boy, smiling and proud! After so many months of waiting for his 'trainer' (walker), it has arrived! Now he just has to learn how to move, and be more independent.

For those of you who don't know, Josiah has Cerebral Palsy (full body). He will be three in May, and cannot talk, walk or crawl...yet. He has had every therapy we could possibly have, since we brought him into our family two years ago. Our hopes are very high, and our hearts are full. Having Josiah in our lives has truly changed our lives for the better. He is my inspiration and why I am so involved in helping 'special needs' children in Liberia...

Before we adopted Josiah, we already had our daughters (from Haiti) home for 3 years, and knew that we were 'stretched; with our oldest daughters cognative disability, and really wanted a 'healthy, normal' child. Well, it's funny when we put our request in with God, he does the COMPLETE opposite! He's done this with all three of our adopted children. Being on the other side now, God has used each one of our children to stretch and mold us, taught us not to be idle and comfortable. I can say, I love my life and adore my kids! My three bio boys were so easy and quiet, and just plain EASY!!! I vividly remember thanking God for giving me such easy boys and a comfortable life...then BAM!!! My life changed with several trials and struggles, then Panic/Anxiety Disorder, as well as depression. For those of you who suffer from any of these, you completely understand. Each time I had an episode, I felt like I was dying! It can be very scary and isolating.
After several years on meds, I took myself off of every medication (cold turkey...not recommended), and went into chemical withdrawals. BUT, God chose to heal me of all of it, and use this experience for His glory!

Why am I telling you this? Because going through some very tough times, and being on the other side, God always has a plan for His Glory.
When we adopted Josiah, we had no knowledge of his CP whatsoever!We only knew he had no right hand, not a big deal. When I went to Liberia to get him, he was very sick with Malaria and pneumonia, but I fell deeply in love with this baby boy! It was instant! Remember, we put in a request to God, and figured it was all good. It didn't take long to know something was wrong with our Blessing (Josiah's given name). He was not progressing, not doing a whole lot of anything. A brain scan comfirmed it for us. He had suffered lack of oxygen his first hour of life.

Fast forward a few years now. We could not imagine our lives without him. He is truly a blessing! All of our kids have a special bond and care for him, as well as anyone with a disability of any kind. Scott and I adore him to death!! He is the most beautiful and determined little guy you will meet. He cannot talk, but is extremely smart! We have every hope that he will talk and walk one day in the near future. His life could have been devestating in Liberia. There is very little hope for an abandoned child with a 'special need' in Liberia. Josiah is very blessed to have a birthmom that knew she couldn't care for him, but wanted a family for him. Our Forget-Me-Not Program in Liberia deals ONLY with 'special' kids, and places them in a loving and trained foster home. It's been a lot of work, a ton of hours working together with Donna (director of Global Orphan Outreach),trips to Liberia, tears and perseverance to get our program up and running, but it's finally established and already changing lives. When God placed this program and the need on my heart, I told him he had to find the time in my day for it. Well, he did. I feel so blessed to be the director of this program, and be so involved with the lives of these kids, as well as our caregivers and my team in Liberia. I love each and every one of our FMN kids. My life is very busy, but God continues to give me the time in the day to devote to this program. This is HIS program, and it's to be used for HIS GLORY!
Here we are again, yes in the adoption process since last April, and no special requests to God. Scott and I have just thrown our arms up and are saying, "God, just give us the child you want!" He does anyways! God is soooo good!


Carey said...

Did I read that right?? In the adoption process again? Where?

I do understand the depression/anxiety thing. Unfortunately it is hereditary in my family and two of my daughters also have it, several siblings, and nephews & neices. Hard stuff but it does make us stronger and thankful we understand it and that it is treatable.

Maria said...

Stumbled on your blog while cleaning out my favortes list. I'll be back to read more. I am so humbled and encouraged by reading this entry! We were trying to adopt from Liberia years ago and I remember you coming home with your baby on the acres of hope e-mail list!! May God continue to richly bless you and all you do for the precious children of Liberia. BTW Josiah is an angel!