Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti on my heart...

I have not wanted to post anything about Haiti, well, because I just don't know what to say. The whole world knows about the earthquake, we see the pictures and read the words of those in the midst of this horrible disaster. Our daughters are from Haiti, their birth famlies are there, our sponsored child is there. I know we will not hear of there safety for quite some time. I have been reading and hearing some wonderful things happening amidst the devestation. The director of the orphanage where our girls are from, Dr. Jacob Bernard from New Life Link, was able to move all the kids from one of the orphanages, into his home. They have stayed safe and are trying to get a lot of them out of Haiti, that were in the adoption process. There are a lot of families that have been waiting years, and some that have only waited a short time...but they will be getting their children home soon!!!! This is an amazing miracle. If you know anything about Haiti and the process to adopt, this is truly a miracle!!! I can't wait to hear that ALL the children that were in the process, are finally with their forever families. And praying for the orphans that still need someone to be their family.

We continue praying for Haiti, the people and children. Please don't stop praying for this devestated country. Pray pray pray!!!

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