Monday, March 9, 2009

Serious help needed...

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am involved in helping with a new orphanage/home for 'special needs' kids in Liberia. We are trying to raise funds to be able to start taking kids in that really need us. We have, at least 10 kids in need of our home, RIGHT NOW. I recieved some very sad news today. One of the children that we were going to take in, and hopefully adopt out, passed away last week. His death could have been prevented, with all the proper care and staff in place, our place, the Forget-Me-Not Children's home. It really makes me so sad to hear this, and try to portray the importance of a home like ours in Liberia. What's really hard, it knowing the need and knowing people can contribute. Maybe skip that $5 coffee, bottle of wine, dinner out, and contibute that money for a project that will save a life. This is not some petty request, this is a heart plea. We are ALL going through tough times financially. I am living that! We own two homes, not something we can afford right now, still trying to sell our other home, or rent it out! But that doesn't change the need. As a matter of fact, the need is worse because so many are choosing not to give. We all know how the trickle effect works, and unfortunately, the end of the trickle is a child dying.
I am asking you, please, contact me through my email if you feel like you would want to be a monthly sponsor, give a one time gift, or have us speak about the Forget Me Not Children's Home, at your church or group. You can contact me, or log onto and click on the Forget Me Not link (on the left).
We need your help, but the children need you more!!! Please pray over this!
Thanks for reading!!

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