Sunday, March 1, 2009

Being BOLD!

Boldness is not something I am comfortable with. I don't like to stand out in a crowd (kind of hard when you have kids of various colors!), I don't like to speak in front of more than a half a dozen people, if there is a corner...I may be in it, I would rather write out my thoughts and hand someone a piece of paper!! Speaking up and out is something I am having to learn in this 'wonderful' stage of life. One thing that I don't have a problem with though, is advocating for adoption. So many people think that you have to be something special to adopt. I will be the first to admit that YOU DON'T! I do feel that a lot of people God calls to adopt, some just go with wanting to help...and God takes it from there. There are also people that don't feel or want to adopt, and that is just fine in my 'small' opinion...BUT I feel strongly that EVERYONE needs to be some tool in helping the 'widows and orphans' of the world. This can mean so many things...being a support for an adoptive family, being a constant prayer warrior for an adoptive family, being a 'relief' worker for mom and dad for date night, coming along side families and organizations that work directly for these beautiful children. There are so many opportunities that truly do help children, orphans of this fallen world, without adoption. Sponsorship programs are everywhere. Churches should all have an adoption grant program to relieve some of the financial burden of adoption. Churches need to be the 'help workers' for these families. Individuals can help coordinated meals for a 'newly' adopted family. Sometimes just asking a family if they need anything, really makes my heart sing. We are all in this together, so therefore, we should all be tools for each other! And yes, financial help is a VERY big tool!!!
More on this later...

We finally have a healthy household. We have been dealing with the flu, RSV, sinus infections, colds, etc. Josiah ended up having to go in for surgery because of his sinus infections! Four months of fevers and infections on his little body, have really taken a toll on him and me!! Hopefully we are done!

Gotta go get ready for church!

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