Friday, May 23, 2008

To the hospital and back again...

After Josiah had his surgery, almost two weeks ago, we headed back to Children's hospital for IV fluids. (He was dehydrated and in pain). We did get to come home because his fluid intake was getting better. Three days later, he started going downhill with fluids again, and I could not keep his pain under control. He even stopped swallowing his own spit because it hurt to swallow, so oral med were out, then tylenol suppositories did nothing). Soooo, to the our dr. we went, with my other daughter in tow, (who ended up with an ear infection too). My dr. took one look at him and said he needed to be admitted back to Children's. So, we stayed for two days in the hospital on IV fluids and pain meds, and are finally home and hopefully over the "pain" hump. Josiah is taking pain meds fine orally, he is drinking regularly and even eating fine! In two days he went from a lethargic, feverish, booger faced boy, back to our happy and smiley little Joe!
God is good!
Now his 1st birthday is tomorrow, so off for last minute preparations for that too!
Sorry to say, I can't wait for June! May is wayyyyy to hectic!

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