Monday, December 17, 2007

Liberia trip, part 2

Went to bed late Wed. night. I had to change rooms in the hotel, and ended up with a fabulous room! I only wish I could have had this one all week! If anyone is staying at the Cape Hotel, request room #302!
Had breakfast on the terrace, overlooking the ocean. I am getting so anxious to finally have my baby boy! My driver shows up on time, and go to the office. Wait for Sydney and Prince to walk to hopspital together. They are needing a few medical reports for the Consulate. Meet his dr.,greet Blessing and his nanny! He looks ready to go, we just have to wait for the bill. ($125 for the six days!). He finally gets discharged!! I am never letting you go little one!!
It's off to the Consulate again to give the medical report and to show off Blessing.
Alma let's me know that Blessings visa should be ready tomorrow by 11!
We go back to the hotel and relax and socialize with the staff and Manager. Blessing charms every single person he comes in contact with! He is such a joy!
I enjoy a huge plate of Liberian rice on the terrace with Blessing charming the staff, and thinking how much was done this week to get to this place. God has been so faithful and given me so much streangth and peace this week. I don't know how anyone could live a life with out our wonderful Father God! I would be completely lost and wondering.
Blessing slept through the night, (due to all the meds he was on). We had a wonderful breakfast, exchanged emails with some staff members, then it was off to the Consulate again. Visa wasn't ready til 2:00, so Tama, Chris and I had lunch at my hotel, checked out, said goodbye to staff. Picked up visa, went to office, no time for orphanage, and off to airport. I was so hot and covered in sweat from running around all day, I needed a shower! Airport was fast, but the employees were pretty rude to me. I never did get all my boarding passes, which later caused some headaches in Brussels. Flight was great, Blessing was an angel, (7 hours), charming everyone in our path! Thank God for the wonderful Brussels air and AA employees. They bent over backwards to get us our boarding passes, that weren't in the computer. We ended up getting a whole row of seats for the 9 hour flight! How awesome!
Blessing was an angel the whole time, we went through immigration, handed over our paperwork, and got out of Chicago before the big storm!
Friday night!! We are home! My beautiful children and husband, all waiting with signs and open arms for us! What a beautiful picture of God's love! So many blessings to be thankful for! Scott did a great job of being dad and mom all week, and Love did great at Jennifers house too!

Liberia has changed me, moreso than Haiti did. I know God has plans for our lives doing something for Liberia. I can't wait to know where He leads!
God Bless,

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God bless you so much.