Thursday, December 13, 2007

The fog is lifting...

The lack of sleep is hitting me! We are trying to get Josiah on a sleep/eat schedule. It's failing so far!! UGH! I need sleep!

I will try to write a few things about this experience, as the "cat naps" allow!

We decided that I would make the trip to Liberia, to finish our adoption myself. I had information about the agency we were using, that required me to go get Blessing, and to get this information to the staff in Liberia, before "things" started going downhill. This agency here in the state, which I will not name, has been doing some unethical things. Thank God for such wonderful Christian staff and friends, that were the vital tools to getting everything done! I have such gratitude to all of them!

I left for Liberia on thursday 11/29, got into Monrovia, Liberia on the evening of the 30th. Was picked up by "our" private driver, who Greg and Brandi had already hired for their week stay. Went to the hotel, which by the way, was an awesome hotel! Met up with my "room mate", who is also a double agent...(ha ha).
Didn't get to bed til really late! Saturday was going to pick up Josiah from the orphanage, but then found out he was rushed to the hospital in respitory distress. So we went to the hospital to meet my little guy! Oh my goodness, what a precious Blessing! He gave me the biggest smile a momma could ever want! Found out he had Malaria and Pneumonia, and would be there for a week! I was so dissappointed, but so glad I could see the care he was getting. He was being well taken care of my his nanny, nurses and dr. Went to the office to meet a few staff members.
That night, Greg and Brandi, (and Henry),took our "group" out, along with some staff members, to the Golden Beach Restaurant. It was good food and good time!

Sunday, we went to Pastor Charles' church. Was an hour late because our driver never showed!!! (pretty common though). The service was in a "hut". If there is rain of too hot, the turn out is very few. It was a great African service! Went out to lunch with the pastor, his wife, "our group", and driver. Had great conversation!

By the way, getting around Monrovia is VERY difficult! There are HUGE pot holes everywhere, people everywhere, cars weaving in and out between pot holes, people, and other cars. The horn is your turn signal/warning sign/get out of my way sign!
To go for a 5 mile drive, it takes about 30 minutes! If there is water or sewage on the road, you just go through! It's hot, the air is so polluted by exhaust and dust. I wore a blanked of sweat and dirt every day. Thank goodness of our wonderful hotel room with air conditioning and hot showers!!! The Cape Hotel is what made my stay better than expected! (Plus my "group and roomie!"). The staff was fabulous, the food was good, room was clean, big, had refrig., air, and nice big bathroom. I loved my showers every day! Although, it did leak and left a lake on the bathroom floor everytime I used the shower! Not complaining! The hotel also was across the street from the ocean. So the views were great! Staff was more the accomodating! I was at the hotel for three days by myself, and was so well taken care of!

Monday went to hospital to spend time with Blessing. He is such a sweet smiley little guy! Oh I just fell head over heals for him! Met with the staff and how we would navigate all that needed to be done in less than a weeks time! A lot!!
Went to visit another orphanage who will start adoptions soon. They literally had nothing. Thank goodness for saving donations! "Our group" decided that our donations would be appreciated here, more than the other orphanage who has donations flowing in, and are having to be stored! Makes no sense! Give donations to others who need them people!!!!!
The school and kids at the orphanage, ALL of God's Chrildren, is wonderful! Vera, who is the mom of the orphanage, really has a heart for these kids and their education. I hope to be able to help them more in the future.
By the way, getting to the orphanage required going over this one bridge. Took an hour just to get across, not because it was a long distance, but because of all the cars and people crossing.
Got an appointment with Alma, the Consulate for Tues. Yahoo!

It was our routine for the week, to start off with breakfast in the dining room together. Breakfast was included. Coffee was good! This was such a treat to start off the day with friends and breakfast!
Tuesday, went to hospital, met with staff, went to consulate for initial meeting. Went shopping! This is so fun! Ended up buying a fabulous Large African drum!
Alma, the Consulate, is such a sweet person! She is working so hard on getting kids to families, but done ethically!
Buster, a staff member, made supper for us and brought it to the hotel! We all enjoyed the food, but loved talking with the staff more!
Went over paperwork with Chris that night.

Wednesday. Went to office, hospital, said goodbyes to the rest of my group who were going home!! I felt such a bond to them. We had been through so much in such a short time! Got the news that Blessing would be released tomorrow. Met Blessing birthmom. She is beautiful and is so happy for Blessing. I can't imagine what her heart must be feeling. We were able to spent a lot of time together. We went to the hospital together. She was smiling the whole time! We went to our Consulate appointment without Blessing, which went sooo smoothly! Alma did want to see Blessing once he was discharged! No problem!
Went to the hotel, had a quiet evening, supper on the terrace overlooking the ocean.

I will post the rest later along with pics! Gotta go!
Love, Christina
(Love you Brandi and "little bird").

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Great pics--what a cutie! Any information you can make public in the coming days would be SOOO appreciated..

God bless,
(currently waiting for referral...)