Thursday, September 13, 2007


I haven't posted lately due to my heart being so heavy for Liberia. There are a handful of families that are going through such turmoil during this adoption process. Liberia is going through a positive change, "God changes." Satan is not liking this, so he is firing back! We can stand here and not do anything, or we can PRAY! Covering Liberia, it's people and the hope that they have, in prayer. Protecting them from the evil one, letting God prevail and be glorified.
I cannot imagine the thought of losing our Josiah to "red tape." But that is exactly what some families are going through. Some children are even at risk to lose their precious lives due to satans hold on their family members. Some children just lose the battle for their life due to lack of medical supplies and care.
I realize that it is so hard to imagine a country that lacks the simplest things...clean water wells, basic nutrition, access to medical care, education! Yet, Liberians lack these "basic essentials" that we so often take for granted!
Acres of Hope is trying to change this. They provide feeding programs, medical care, schooling. They are increasing the programs to reach more people, including building a new hospital and school, possibly in the very near future.
Acres of hope is also the only orphanage that can and will take "special needs" children. So many of these children are considered "cursed," bringing curses to tribal villages if they have deformities. I can't imagine!!!
Please, if you have a few minutes in your day to pray for Liberia, please, please do!
Praying for the children especially. They are completely innocent! Prayer is a wonderful shield against the enemy!

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Scott and Katy said...

We are praying against this hold with you!

Scott and Katy McKinney