Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Dream and Africa!

It has been such a joy to be able to be directly involved in helping set in motion, the Forget-Me-Not Children's program/homes in Liberia. We already have children in our care there, and will soon be getting more. My good friend and I , will be heading to Liberia very soon, and set in place protocols, staff, homes, etc. Also, we are taking as many supplies as we can this trip. We have been collecting donations as they come in, and are almost prepared. The cost of the trip is a big undertaking itself, and are still trying to raise funds for this. The only way we can do something like this, is with the help of others. If you would like to help defray some of our travel expenses, or learn more about the program,please click on the link here...

and click on the "get involved" button.
If you want to be involved by sponsoring one of our children, that would be awesome too! If you are paying by check, put in the memo line, where you want your funds to go to.
We appreciate any financial help...without it, the Forget-Me-Not program would not be possible.

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