Friday, May 1, 2009

Some updates...

A lot has happened this past month...
My dad and step mom are now officially living on our property with their HUGE RV! They are a couple hundred feet away from our front door. What an amazing blessing this change has been to our family. I get to have coffee some mornings with my dad, my step mom comes in and surprises me with the dishwasher cleared out and my laundry washed AND folded!!!! I AM SPOILED!!! I LOVE IT! We also have them over for dinner Monday through Thursday. It is soooo cool to have my kids around their grandparents almost everyday. I have dreamed this for my kids for so long. I grew up only seeing my grandparents maybe once a year. I didn't want that for my kids. They do still get to see their other set of grandparents every couple months too though. So that's a great bonus too!

My oldest baby, Andrew 19, was home for Easter break. It was great to spend time with him. I really miss him. The kids really miss him too. But, they did spend some good quality time with big brother!

Have been spending a lot of time with my 'bonus' teenager! She came into our lives last summer, lived with us for awhile, and is starting to make some great positive changes in her life. She's learning about family life and Jesus! She is also my biggest helper with Josiah. I can trust her with all the kids, and leave! Yep, she's that brave to take on this whole clan! I can't wait to see what God does in her life!

We are anxiously waiting on the arrival of three baby alpacas! Any day now! And...75 meat chicks! That is the boys' project this summer! I'm trying to stay away from THAT one!

Fabulous news on our 'Forget Me Not' Children's Home! I will have to post details later on that! Please keep the prayers coming for all the beautiful 'special needs' kids!

Some other great news is about our house we have listed for sale. We didn't sell it, but we did rent it out for a year, and they are hoping to buy it after that! So that financial burden has been lifted! Thank you Lord!

Josiah has been making some great progress these past few months. We are hoping to have him walking in his walker by the time he turns three. I am still his main source of mobility, when he is not army crawling all over the house! He's got some serious biceps! He is also in the toddler terrible two's!! His lack of communication skills really makes it frustrating for all parties involved. We have been working on signing, using pictures, and some sounds that he can use. Poor baby sometimes can't get his point across without throwing a little tantrum. I'm really hoping that we have a breakthrough with his verbal skills or signing soon.
He has been staying healthy, which is so great to see. He is such a sweet, funny and determined little guy! It was really hard when he was so sick for those six months! It's all good now! He was also approved for state medical care, which will cover everything that our insurance doesn't cover. It really adds up quick when you count all the dr. appointments, surgeries, etc. I must say that our county programs, are by far, the best I have ever heard about. They come to US with ideas and services offered for kids like Josiah. WE don't have to go looking for it! We are so blessed to be in such a supportive community who really want to get families who have special needs kids, into programs and hooked up with services that can benefit all of us! HUGE HUGE praises here!!

Oh, and not ready yet to make any announcements yet! Ha!

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