Saturday, September 27, 2008


This month has flown by...but for good reason! We have been OVER THE TOP busy!!

School mom came to visit...Scott and I went on a cruise...Josiah had more dr. appointments...a friend from Liberia stayed with us for a little while...barn getting built...Alex turns 9!...still trying to sell our other home (asking for prayers for this please)...and all the other every day/week things we have going on!! I think October will be a much slower month, I hope.

A little update on our Josiah...
We went to Gillette for his CP appointment. We really didn't learn too much more than we already knew. The Dr. said if she was to diagnos him from his over all "tone" from his muscles, then yes he has CP. We will be getting an MRI of his brain to "try" to see any brain injury. This is not a sure bet that anything will show up. For his physical, he was tight all over, so the doc was able to see him at his "worst" (as far as his muscle tightness). Medication was recommended to release some of the tightness so we can get him moving better and controlling the muscles the way his brain is wanting him to. Increase therapy to two times a week, include speech, OT, and get a swallow test to rule out anything there.
As far as how therapy is going now, he is doing great. He is almost sitting independently, almost able to crasp with is good hand...still working on the finger pinch, verbalizing with more sounds...working on the word "hi". He can understand verbal commands well, very interactive and expresses his emotions very well...even throwing a tiny tantrum once in awhile. We can tell he is working through the 'normal' baby/toddler stages. This is such an awesome accoplishment, show us that his cognative abilities are great! Yeah!!

Our 'moving in' is going very slow. The weather has been so nice, that we are outside a lot. The cold will come soon enough, so hopefully I'll start unpacking some things when we are stuck in the house!

I miss our oldest terribly. We do talk almost every day, but it's still not enough for this mom! There is such an emptiness there. He is doing well in Ohio, just a little home sick.

Our next project wil be putting up our fencing for our alpacas. Who knows how long this will take.
The four kids and daddy are filling up bags of nutritional bag meals at the "feed my starving children" program. Scott wanted the kids to volunteer their time as a birthday present to him. Thank goodness their was no complaining this morning for having to get up early.

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