Friday, July 11, 2008

We have moved!!!!!

This will be short...but, yes, we have officially moved to our dream house. Scott is still working on the other house to get it listed for sale by tomorrow, but we are "mostly" moved in here. It has not been fun with all the packing, moving, unpacking, tempers flying everywhere, everyone,(all 8 of us) whiny, crabby, off schedule, etc. You get the picture. BUT...I love my new house! It is like living in a dream, our views are amazing! You can see for miles...pluse we are straight up a steep hill, so we are pretty secluded. We did manage to clean our the pool so the kids started swimming in that yesterday. Our pasture needs a really good cutting so we can explore our woods. We will be putting up our barn and fencing soon too!
Once we are a little more settled in, I can report more. Oh, camera broke, so no pics for awhile.

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Brandi said...

yeah!!! Congrats! I can't wait to see pics, especially of the view!