Saturday, November 24, 2007

Giving thanks...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Scott's parents house. It was nice to be around family and take a day off from the busy happenings going on around us!

We have found out that our 4y.o. daughter, Love, is quite the prayer warrior! She belts out an amazing prayer. We have completely done away with the memorized versions at supper, and take turns with independent prayers at meal times. One of these days we will secretly record her. It is truly an awesome thing to hear and see the heart of this little girl!!!

We have so much peace and comfort over our adoption. God has truly shown us some amazing things. What an awesome God we serve!!!! What a gift to be a mom to five amazing kids, and another coming home soon! I have also formed some friendships throughout this adoption process, that are so important and such a gift in my life.
Especially the moms who know exactly what I go through during this roller coaster ride of adoption!

Hopefully soon I will have some amazing news to share! We appreciate every single one of your prayers!!

Giving thanks and God Bless!!!

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Anonymous said...

go girl............. love, Denise